A Change in Reading Challenges

I started out this blog with the idea of reading the Top 100 Novels of all time. The reason I started was that I was bored with the books I had been reading and was struggling to find a book worth reading. I thought that if I followed a guideline for the Top 100 Novels I would read all the books I had been missing. That I would be reading the cream of the crop. That I would be floating in the ecstasy of reading perfection, finally fulfilled in my lifelong passion for books.

On the contrary.

Instead I got bogged down in books I wasn't enjoying and honestly I still don't understand how they made the list. Then I realized the issue for me was that someone else was choosing the books. I wanted a challenge that helped me expand my scope without completely limiting my choices.

Enter Tim Challies and the 2017 Reading Challenge.  Tim Challies is a pastor/blogger that I follow at challies.com and he started this reading challenge. It is adaptable. It is flexible. You can make it suit your schedule and you get to choose the book you read. For me, this was perfect. It is intended to be a Christian reading challenge, however, I may at times read a book outside that area, if there is one in particular I am wanting to read. Again, flexibility and choice are both key issues for me.

I am starting this challenge with committing to the Light Reading challenge, the smallest section on the poster, which involves reading one book every 4 weeks. I may do more than this but this is my starting point. I like following lists, so I intend to start at the top and work my way down, although, I may mix it up at points.

As far as my blog goes, I plan on briefly discussing the books I've chosen as or after I've read them. I hope to do better in my future reviews than I did in the past ones. Hopefully there will be a bit more content than "I didn't really like this book".

I've read a couple of books so far and I will be sharing my thoughts on them in upcoming days and weeks and hope to hear from you. Please leave comments below. Perhaps you have a book recommendation for me. Perhaps you have also read one of the books and have a comment you'd like to add. Perhaps you've got a criticism (gasp) about something I've written. Let's hear it.