A Change of Plans

We got a call today. A terrible call telling us that a dear friend had died. He was only 53. How can he be gone? 

I'm sure he went to bed last night, looking forward to his day off today. He probably got up, kissed his wife and little girl, hugged his teenage son and thought about what he would be doing today.  

You know how it is, the list that goes through your head as you lie in bed in the morning.  Take the garbage out, have a workout, hit the shower, do some chores, get the groceries, pick the kids up after school. The usual stuff.

Never does the mental to-do list say, die. 

I'm a list person. Maybe even a list expert. I've written thousands of lists in my lifetime. Never once has my death been on my list. Most days, I don't even think about the possibility. Most of us don't.

But why not? We know everybody dies and one day it will be our turn. But we have no idea when. We don't and can't know when our time will come.

There's different things we can do with the concept of death. We can decide not to think about it. Play the ostrich with our heads in the sand and think it can never happen to us. Or, maybe we can be the super fit, super healthy versions of ourselves and work out every day and eat only kale and nothing processed and think that in that way we can avoid it. But we can't. Death comes to us all.

It came to our friend today. I'm sure in most ways, he wasn't ready.  He still had a family to raise, a wife to love, a home to care for and a church to pastor. He wasn't planning on going anywhere yet. But the Lord had other plans, and in that way, that most important way, our friend was ready. 

You see, even though he did not know when the time of his death would be, he was prepared in that he knew his Savior, Jesus Christ. He trusted Him completely and placed all his hope for salvation in Him. That was some good planning.

He is with Him now in Heaven. And while his family and friends here on Earth are reeling, and trying to figure out life here without him, at least we can find comfort in knowing He is with the Lord now. 

I wonder if people write mental to-do lists in Heaven. If so, I wonder what will be on his list for tomorrow?