A New Beginning in a New Year

In the next few weeks I plan on doing some overhauling on my blog site.  I am learning more about which direction I want to go and cutting loose the things that are not working.  This isn't easy for me. I am not good at letting go, but at the same time I am encouraged about where I will be going.

So my blog has had 3 parts to it.  The Top 100 books, my blog, and my photos. My Top 100 book blog is going to go. Bye bye. Goodnight.  It was an ambitious idea and maybe I should have started at the other end of the list or only picked key books in the list of something. Whatever it is, I stopped enjoying that part of my blog and life a long time ago.  My life is busy and I don't want to fill it up with unnecessary things that I'm not even having fun with. Who knows, maybe I'll even pick it up again sometime in the future when I have less things on my to do list.

However, reading is still something I love and I may still write a review of books that I am reading or have read when I have a recommendation.  I am doing the 2017 Reading Challenge through Challies.com.  I highly recommend it. It has tiers to it, from light reading all the way up to obsessed. I like that it encourages some diversity in the types of book that I read. I'm starting light and plan to just see how it goes. Right now I am reading a biography of Jane Austen and it's pretty good. You may hear more about this challenge in the future.

When it comes to the main blog section, I started writing my blogs about issues related to being in my 50s and that will continue but I found whenever I was writing, it was difficult for me not to write about the Lord or my faith.  So I am going to just write and see what comes. Hopefully I will have something worth saying. I am trying to get out and do things again and I'll let you know how that goes. I plan to write about my excursions, yoga, parenting, faith, my Oscar Party and whatever moves me. To be honest I'm waiting to see if I have a voice, if I have something to say. Only time will tell.

As for my photos, I am very excited to say I received a branch new DSLR Canon Rebel T5 for Christmas and I've been gradually learning how to use it.  I couldn't be happier and hopefully my photo page will be full of lovely shots of this beautiful province in which I live.  

I think the key to this blog for me is going to be the ability to adapt as my life changes, going with the flow.  Not exactly my strong suit, but I'm working on it. Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by.