I'm such a good pupil


Well,  I can put another check mark on my health chart.  Today I went and had my eyes checked by my ophthalmologist.  Every two years I head into her office and read some letters on the wall, look into some odd machines that examine my retinas and have my pupils dilated for better access into my eyes to check for cataracts.

I don't wear glasses, at least not all the time.  Okay, fine, I wear readers or magnifiers when I need to read something.  I have noticed a trend with my eyesight in recent years though and it is not a positive one.  I need my reading glasses more and more.  In fact, I don't leave home without them, and I think it's time to start having several pairs located around the house in strategic locations.  Thankfully my distance vision is still good,  but I still like to get a professional opinion and make sure that I am doing the right thing by my eyes.

While in the office, I asked my doctor if now that I am 50 if there is anything different I should be doing to protect or improve my vision.  She told me to make sure to wear sunglasses when it's bright but there is no special tests or "maintenance" needed as I age, unless a problem presents itself. Refreshing!

I'm very thankful for sight.  A week or two ago we had a big power outage that lasted for a couple of days.  During the day it wasn't bad.  I was able to read, do a puzzle, get a little housework done and all was well.  But, once the sun went down and the only light available was a flickering candle or a flashlight beam, I didn't know what to do.  I couldn't see well enough in that light to do anything.  It made me think.

What if my vision was restricted all the time?  What if I was unable to drive, or read, or see the faces of my loved ones?  I can't even imagine.  For now though my eyes are fine.  I have the start of cataracts in one eye, but that's it and I'm grateful that it's still insignificant.  I don't need to go back and see the eye doctor for another two years.

I recommend that everyone who hasn't had their eyes checked by a doctor in the last 2 years should call their eye doctor and set up an appointment. Sometimes there are costs involved so make sure you ask about that, but it is worth it. After all, it's your eyes we're talking about. As for me, tonight I think I'll watch the sunset and thank the Lord that I can see.